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Melanie / Owner


Melanie’s biggest asset to New Creations is her versatility. While both creative and chic, Melanie also brings great business sense and people skills to New Creations after having maintained a career in women’s fashion for over ten years. In both her career and personal life Melanie prides herself on presentation, whether in decorating a home, preparing a festive meal for her family, or in helping a bride and groom create a beautiful setting. Although her home is in Charlotte, North Carolina, at every opportunity Melanie travels the world and is passionate about experiencing different cultures. She is also an avid reader, and her family, which is vast and spread out across the country, calls her the glue—the one person who keeps in contact with everybody. If you knew her family, you would know how amazing this is!

New Creations Flowers
658 Griffith Rd
Suite 110
Charlotte, NC 28217